Tool Space Cabin

The ‘Tool Space’ has been developed to allow the safe storage of tools and equipment on-site. There are also increasing restrictions on what vans can carry this especially has an impact for businesses involved with the many utility contracts.

Often the requirement will mean running from a central yard that requires the vans to load up the tools in the morning and returning at the end of every day, impacting on the working time available.

Clearly it would be more productive to leave the tools on site. Additionally leaving tools in the secure ‘Tool Space’ helps reduce the weight and space issues of the workforces vans.

Triden Tool Space Cabin Features:

  • 3 cabin doors for greater access
  • Hydraulically lowered axle arrangement
  • Anti-vandal design
  • Locking towing cover hood with integrated swivel jockey wheel
  • Racking for smaller items

Triden Tool Space Cabin Gallery

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